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Our Motto - "Domine in te speravi - Lord, in you I have hoped" - stresses our trust in God and the responsibility for each one of us to be people of hope for the world. 
McAuley High School offers a quality Catholic education to girls in academic years 9 - 13 which challenges students to strive for standards of personal excellence. The school was founded in 1963 by the Sisters of Mercy, and we continue to walk proudly in the Mercy tradition. McAuley students are from multicultural backgrounds, and we rejoice in our diversity more
Term dates 2015

Term 1
Friday 23rd January to 2nd April
Term 2
​Monday 20th April to 3rd July
Term 3
Monday 20th July to 25th September
Term 4
Monday 12th October to 8th December


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